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Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles Slick
Experiment Number: 020
Pod Color: Red
Ah, one of my best early works! I always hated doing the business side of the genetic experiment industries, so when Hamsterviel wasn't around, I design-ed 020.
Programmed to sell anything to anyone, getting his design idea from someone called a 'Mr. Haney'. There was only one problem: Once he is starting with the selling, he doesn't start stopping! He sold ex-wife for 10 Galactic Credits; horrible, yet smart, as she was only worth 5! :XD: Getting back to point, it was not until he had to be exchange-ed for choculum candysite (or candy bar as Little Girl calls them), did he realize his flaws.
Thusly, he works with local hula school Little Girl goes to, helping in fundraising alongside 322, 390, and a multitude of other genetic experiments. And I quote, 'Hey, when yer customers are yer friends, then everyone profits!'.
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 3 0
Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles Hocker
Experiment Number: 051
Pod Color: Green
Yikes, here's a volatile piece of work! This is 051, a spitter of acidic mucus. Said mucus is so acidic, it will melt through wood, cinder blocks, even steel! I gained idea from the rare, acid-spitting Nasal Goblin, and combining it with the DNA of my own evil genius self! Oh, and a little green food coloring for flare.
Despite being mainly a 'cat' in old lady's house, he also works part-time with 228 and 586 at the aluminum recycling plant. The only downside is that 051 has rather rotten temper, and is prone to spitting at whoever or whatever annoys him.
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 4 1
Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles Frenchfry
Experiment Number: 062
Pod Color: White
Experiment 062, very hand experiment indeed! Great for midnight snacking, and saves you the trouble of cooking. Unfortunately he was a failure not long after arrival. 062 makes food delicious, but removes all nutrition, resulting in empty calories. Worst still, his food has a unique effect that makes one never stop eating it, making one more rolly-polly than Dom DeLuise at a Golden Corral! *chuckles* Shouldn't laugh.
Anyway, thankfully, said bloating wares off within 24 hours, but that is not the worst part. No, as compensation for all the food, 062 eats his hosts when they become fat enough! But surprisingly, when 062 tried some of Bigger Girl's cooking, he gain-ed some perspective.
Now, he promises to not eat peoples so long as he gets to eat Bigger Girl's cooking in exchange; on top of this, now he has food stand off corner of street downtown. Low fat fries at equally low prices, a regular Mac Donald Duck's without the potential
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 4 0
Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles Poki
Experiment Number: 036
Pod Color: Green
Ah, one of my more pesky experiments; design-ed to poke holes into anything, especially water containers. I admit, this was one of my more slapshawed experiment, hardly one of extreme chaos. But he was great for packages for to be needing airholes.
Sorry Jumba cannot speak much on his behalf, there isn't much to go on in my databanks. But he often hangs around 344 and 523, as well as 521 as an assistant.
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 3 0
Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles Backhoe
Experiment Number: 040
Pod Color: White
Aha, 040, yet another great prototype! Was first attempt to make great digging experiment fit to making great underground tunnels. One of the more successful experiments of this regard you know better as Digger (529), and was a great forebear for 529. DNA for 040 came from the Earthrippers from Mineralis 2, as well as common mole DNA.
Like with 224 and 515, 040 was relatively easy to tame, and has been quite partial to Little Girl's love of mud and dirt, same with 529. He now works with fellow digging experiments in mining and farming tasks across the island.
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 3 0
Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles Doubledip
Experiment Number: 002
Pod Color: Purple
Ah, how nostalgic...we come upon Experiment 002, the cutest licking goof you'll ever for to be witnessing. Not most to say for his purpose; mostly, he merely double-dips food, making party treats uneatable.
But what's more interesting is what he came from, and what became of him! I used a Lickoala with a bit of indigo for coloration, and has an indispensable amount of saliva! He, like his 17 other brethren, was reactivated in old lady's house, and mistaken for feline creatures. While we did not have the heart to take them all away, we did manage to convince their, erm, new owner, to let them come and go as they please.
In 002's case, he now works part-time as a taste-tester for new sweeties in candy factory as well as resting in old lady's house.
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 3 0
Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles Felix
Experiment Number: 010
Pod Color: Green
Aha, my more benign experiments, Number 010. Very handy creation, and was second attempt to create personal helpers around house and lab to make sure things do not for to be going out of control. The first was Number 003, but we shall get to him later.
Made with the DNA of an anteater, and my OCD-ridden former housekeeper, 010 at first worked wonders around home! For once, ex-wife wasn't yelling evil genius ear off! But there was one minor fault in his program; I set his cleanliness standards too high, which quickly caused more havoc than good.
As you can imagine, when he was reactivated was just as hairy of a mess! As such, we sent him to Gantu as a little joke gift, and we were able to reprogram him one last time after we rescued him. Now, he works as a mobile recycling service, keeping the island trash free along with Experiment 505.
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 3 0
Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles Tweak
Experiment Number: 224
Pod Color: Orange
Thusly, we are for to beginning the reign of major technological saboteurs! We've already been seeing some samples of this with 221, 603, 202 and 201, but here is where they begin to get stranger. Enter Experiment 224; design-ed to disable machinery through its Swiss-Army-like tail. In truth, he was one of the easier saboteurs to wrangle, being largely single-minded and rarely thinking things through beyond his primary function.
I got the idea for his design as a spiteful attack on internet company on Kweltikwan for their outrageous price gouging, through the DNA of an Engine Gopher, and a bit of armadillo and beaver DNA. He especially loves getting his head scratched and acts curiously like an Earth dog. Little Girl has now found him job working as repairman of lapping tops and making sure they last for half a decade max before effects expire.
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 4 0
Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles: Swirly
Experiment Number: 383
Pod Color: Yellow
Ah, here is Experiment that is perfect for parties! 383 was design-ed to hypnotize entire armies into submission, commanding entire countries to will of user! However, there was minor problem his program; if there's no orders within a few minutes, the effect is nullified. The only other way to stop the effect is a mere snap of the fingers, which wakes up the free will-controlling neurons in the brain turned off by 383's effects.
Which is good, since 383 quickly got out of control over the course his debut. Thankfully, he has found a much less havoc-causing venture when he discovered the world of live performances. Now, he entertains as birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and will often collaborate with 604 in big magic acts!
In fact, recently, Experiment 020 convinced 383, 345, 322, 604, 390, 523, 513, 606 and 033 to work together on a big charity drive last Christmas! Oh, that was truly a sight to behold! :D
But back on to 3
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 3 0
Dr. Jumba Experiment Profiles: Sprout
Experiment Number: 509
Pod Color: Blue
Now this early elemental series experiment, you'd swear he came straight out of sci-fi horror film! 509 was design-ed to be ultimatum device in similar veins to 611 and 607, turning into an uncontrollable forest of citizen devouring destruction! Also great for vases and window boxes, incidentally. ;)
However, this can only occur if 509 comes into contact with specially formulated fertilizer I had concocted shortly after his inception. That, and 509's forest has one weakness, and it is a real biggie! If the original is capture-ed, even at ultimate size, all others die off!
I had originally managed to find 509 and hide him where not even Little Girl could find him, like with a few others that fell to Earth. Sadly, this did not last long, as 509 quickly took hold of orchid competition! Once contained atop giant pineapple water tower, however, he was tamed and retained.
So far as Jumba can tell, 509 seems pretty happy these days, getting
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 3 0



Let's talk about some shit series episodes.


And no-no experiments are the problem. The experiments are precious cinnamon rolls and they legit have nothing to do with these episodes being shit. The experiments are innocent. This is on the main cast and the writing decisions made in these episodes, not the experiments.


Feel free to add your own personal worst in the comments below.


10. Topper


This one sucks in terms of plot, because there's one tiny little thing they could've done that would've made it decent: MAKE STITCH TELL LILO ABOUT WHY HE'S STEALING ALL THE DAMN PRESENTS. Seriously-Stitch doesn't tell Lilo anything about what he's doing or why he's doing it, and it takes Jumba capturing Stitch and placing him inside a container to read his thoughts to understand why he's stealing presents. The lack of communication really hinders this episode and makes for a very obvious problem with it, so it's at ten.


9. PJ


Like "Topper", PJ is a very weak episode in terms of plot. Lilo thinks she's setting Myrtle up by having PJ pranking the substitute teacher, but it's so obvious from her reactions to the pranks that she's the one behind them that it's almost amazing when Lilo genuinely thinks she's framing Myrtle. She also gets so caught up in supposedly getting Myrtle in trouble that she knocks out Stitch with Drowsy in order to continue with pranking the sub. This episode is just weird since Lilo's not aware that she's being WAY too obvious with letting the sub know she's been pranking him and legitimately doesn't realize it until he straight up mentions how hard of a time he's having because of her pranks. It's yet another obvious issue with an episode that messes it up as a result and could've been easily avoided with just a LITTLE bit of self awareness on Lilo's part.


8. Melty


Lilo in this episode again tries too hard to get Keoni to like her to the point of screwing around with time a grand total of SIX TIMES before finally embarrassing herself in front of him in order to prevent another bad future from occurring. Her desperate attempts to get Keoni to like her YET AGAIN come off as extremely annoying and again, put the world in fucking DANGER in the end. And we also get to find out that her doing all this was completely fucking unnecessary, because afterwards, Keoni comes over with a mud doll asking if she wants to see a movie with him. WHAT. THE FUCK. WAS. THE GODDAMN POINT?! If it didn't matter in the end because Keoni came over anyways and wasn't at all weirded out by Lilo's behavior, WHAT THE HELL WAS THE POINT OF THIS ENTIRE PLOT?


7. Heckler


The message of Heckler is very...odd. It's all over the place; at first it's about not insulting people for fun or laughs, then it's about not letting insults get to you, then it's about how it's okay to make fun of yourself. I get what the episode's trying to convey, but it's still very confusing as to how it goes about it. It especially doesn't help that Heckler himself poses a contradiction to the episode's message, being designed to insult people and finding a one true place insulting people at a dunk tank. I should also mention Lilo and Nani also throw Heckler to Gantu and he almost gets sent to Hamsterviel (with his insults being the only thing that prevents it) which is a theme for many of these later entries, but I digress.


6. Hunkahunka


Oh Keoni; you could've been so much more than just a stupid, dull love interest. You were actually a good friend in the Kixx episode and would've made a decent older friend for Lilo. But of course, lazy, cliché writing prevailed and turned you dull and boring, like most 2000's TM love interests. UGH; this episode has such wonderful things like Lilo abandoning her responsibility of finding Hunkahunka a home to hang out with a love-zombified Keoni, leaving Stitch to have to keep him away from Gantu, who eventually ends up capturing Hunka. The worst part however, would be how Lilo just shrugs this off, saying "We don't need his fakey love here on Earth". So Lilo, Hunkahunka's not worth rescuing? He's just useless with a horrible "fakey" power?  Just abandon him and give him to Hamsterviel I guess, because "we don't need his fakey love here on Earth". Lilo in this episode is absolutely awful, not just for being selfish in pursuing Keoni and having him get pecked by Hunkahunka, but also that it's so extreme that she doesn't even care about Hunkahunka, viewing him as an annoyance and not seeming to care that he got taken.


5. Felix


This episode...*sigh* it's good until the end, where Felix gets reprogrammed. First of all, why doesn't Jumba know exactly what he's doing with Felix? He doesn't even know whether or not his modifications even worked or not. And once Felix starts sneezing up dirt and garbage, the...brilliant answer to this is to-of fucking course, send him to Gantu.




I SHIT YOU NOT, THIS HAPPENED. THEY LITERALLY THROW FELIX TO HAMSTERVIEL BECAUSE THEY WERE UNABLE TO PROPERLY REPROGRAM HIM. HOLY HELL FUCKING SHIT-I DON'T THINK I NEED TO TELL YOU HOW MESSED UP THIS IS. Lilo, Stitch, and Jumba couldn't properly reprogram Felix (and Jumba also has no clue what the fuck he's doing) so they just dump him off on Gantu and Reuben. By far one of the worst examples of an experiment getting abandoned. EVER.


4. Poxy


The moment this episode goes to shit is at the very end, just like Felix. It was fine the whole way through-Lilo and Stitch capturing Poxy while inside Pleakley-standard episode stuff. And then the end comes. With Lilo DECIDING TO INFECT GANTU WITH POXY. Lilo pulls two BS moves with this one: intentionally abandoning an experiment, and infecting Gantu with a sentient bacteria. Both fucking horrible to do to anyone. Oh-and she doesn't get punished for this; in fact, this is portrayed as being a perfectly reasonable thing to do since apparently Gantu's a villain.


3. Nosy


I recommend everyone who rages over the anime taking a shit on the Ohana message go rewatch this episode immediately. No-seriously; it was either this one or "Felix" back at #5, but I think this one really goes lower than "Felix" ever did, so it's at 3 instead. First off, Lilo's behavior turns a 360 yet again with the appearance of Keoni; she becomes desperate for his affection (again) and starts doing anything she can to get it-AGAIN at the expense of an experiment, y'know-someone she's supposed to take in, take care of, try to turn good and help find a home for? Yes, Nosy's annoying and has an unfortunate power for the situation, but he's still Ohana, he's still Lilo and Stitch's responibility. Why not give him a diary to look through or try to direct the conversation away from sensitive information? OR GIVE HIM A GOSSIP CELEB MAGAZINE. OR SOMETHING, not give him willingly to Gantu twice and straight up abandon him or leave him to snoop everywhere and start blurting out info. They could've even tried talking to him directly and keeping his attention away from Mr. Jameson and Keoni. Nosy was treated like an annoyance instead of like family, and was given away just because he had an annoying so much for Ohana there with this one.


2. Elastico


I can't stand Lilo when she's competitive. That or trying to "fit in". Because when Lilo's competitive or tries to fit in, the world, an experiment, or Stitch tends to be put in a huge amount of danger or neglect. See "Sprout", "Phoon", and "Yapper" for more of this sort of bullshit occurring. Lilo in this episode...just holy fucking hell she's awful. She gets SO caught up in beating Myrtle at a hula competition that she completely ignores Stitch and pushes him away. She acts so horribly that she makes Stitch feel like leaving with Elastico and his own family because he feels so neglected. And this was over a damn hula competition mind you, and it's not like "Stitch Has A Glitch" where Lilo felt she had to prove herself, this was just a hula competition. And she did all this-neglected Stitch, made him feel like leaving, ignoring the fact that Elastico's out there, just all this bullshit for a stupid competition. So SECOND FUCKING SPOT FOR THIS EPISODE.



1. Snafu


THIS EPISODE. This episode manages to be the worst of any finale I've watched. It's so bad that even those fanfictions of Lilo and Stitch rescuing the experiments (most of which I consider cringeworthy crap) look good in comparison. And the reason why? Unlike those fanfics, this episode completely disregards what's happened to the captured experiments; being abandoned, given up for petty reasons, not given a chance-AND being given to their creator's awful partner, who only wanted to use them to take over the galaxy and didn't give two shits about them. Funny villain as Hamsterviel is, he's still very controlling, manipulative, and cruel; he's basically like Mother Gothel in "Tangled"; and how's Mother Gothel's character? Controlling, selfish, arrogant, bad-tempered and unpredictable. Hamsterviel's in the same vein, and proof? Okay, ask yourselves this question; Why does Gantu keep coming back to work for him? And here's another one; Why did Jumba work with him for so long? Why don't those experiments leave the ship? And those experiments got to handle two years worth of him-the screaming, the mind games, the constant insults/put-downs, the whole thing. And this episode takes ALL THAT-and throws it out the fucking window, all for twisting it to Lilo and Stitch's favor and basically saying "LOL-we came back for the captured ones, we're still following the Ohana message!" RESCUING THE FUCKING EXPERIMENTS DOES NOT EXCUSE TWO YEARS OF BULLSHIT. It doesn't excuse shit writing choices, it doesn't make up for what happened to the captured experiments, it doesn't fix anything. It's the equivalent of putting a band-aid on a six inch long gash. It's a pathetic attempt to excuse what was the most terrible move Lilo and Stitch made for the experiments and the worst writing direction ever taken in the series, so it's by far the worst series episode. "Snafu" basically sends the message that you can abandon people and not have to deal with the consequences.


Worst Series Episodes (Top Ten)

"Just being Nosy; it's what I do-REMEMBER? But I guess finding the one place I truly belong was just too hard, huh? So instead you just let GANTU send us to HAMSTERVIEL. Well, here's a secret; life in Hamsterviel's cell-*disgusted noise* Woops blew the secret about Hamsterviel's experiments, so he sent us back here. I got lucky; my container broke, so I got out. The REST of us are locked up in Gantu's secret compartment. Fibber, Hammerface, Thresher, Heat, Felix...all the experiments that Lilo totally abandoned."


                        -Nosy at Lilo over abandoning experiments


NOTE: I should also mention that one of Lilo's responses to Nosy during his rant at her was "I didn't just let" in reference to abandoning experiments. This being said right to the face of one of the very experiments she let Gantu take and send to Hamsterviel. Let that sink in. 



Well, this is unexpected.


So for those who are reading this for the first time, I'm a former hater of the Stitch anime who's now (kinda) a fan (not it's biggest fan, but I can still enjoy it). I broke off because of all the awful behavior I began to notice happening around me and began to watch the anime on my own, finding out that it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been made out to be and that it had some genuinely good things about it.


When I say I used to be a hater-I mean I used to be damned hater.…


Above is a link to an old rant of mine I made back in 2014 that should give an idea of how I was in the hatedom. Basically, I was one of the robots-the brainwashed masses that just listened to the aristocrats on top and believed them regardless of how their ideas were or how they acted around others.


So how'd I end up like this? Well, back in 2010, I got the DS Game "Stitch Jam" and was confused by the lack of Lilo in the game. I went on the Internet and looked it up, finding out about the anime in the process-and the vitriol surrounding it at the same time. The rants around it were immature and stupid, but me having only just turned eleven at the time (I age with the year lol), I was, well-the same-and thought they were funny, moving on to eat up all the rest of the hate art and rants and becoming a hater by the time I was done. I moved on, rereading them and reveling in the hate art, laughing at the fan's art and looking down on them. This would only get worse in 2012-2014. During that time, the age-old fantasy of Lilo and Stitch staying together forever was repurposed into being against the anime. My hatred of it increased; I wanted that fantasy a reality, not the anime, not anything else-that adorable fantasy should be what should happen. I also believed them when they said Sanders hated the anime without any proof and half believed the Sanders Interview rumor (I wanted that to be true). I felt guilt over watching episodes with my favorite experiments in them-I enjoyed them, but I felt guilt because I thought I was supposed to hate everything about the anime.


Then I saw one of them-one of the very people I admired-lash out at someone who criticized her on her treatment of Yuna. She did so in such a horrible way that I began to get suspicious. I questioned this treatment; I was disgusted by crazed fans (always have been a major dislike of mine) such as Twilight and Beiber fans (ah 2012). To me, the haters had always been the logical ones, the people who could see through the crap and criticize it. Never once had it occurred to me that haters could be as bad as the fans they criticized-if not worse. Some other things happened to make me break off; sophomore year in high school started, and I had my first AP class. I didn't go back to the hater's club or works as often because I wanted to make sure I got an A in the class and put my work into it. And keeping that lash out in mind, I gradually began to question more and more of their antics, eventually going and looking at the fan's works a second time and actually listening to what they had to say instead of immediately taking the hater's side as I once had. At the end of 2015, I witnessed the absolute worst a fan community could dish out. I'm a Steven Universe fan, and I got a front row seat to the attempted suicide incident that occurred-thankfully the person survived and is doing well, but this provided even more of a catalyst. I got to see awful, awful things from the SU fandom-attacking people without a second thought, policing artwork, lying to people about what happened, spreading misinformation and rumors about the artist, the creator, the staff-everything you can think of, they did it. I left the SU fandom and never looked back after that, and then I realized how very...familiar it all looked in the hatedom for the anime.


Cue the digital equivalent of backing away in horror and running off.


Eventually, anger that had once been for the anime turned on them instead and I...pretty much rebelled. I wrote my first rant on the anime's hatedom over the course of two weeks, submitting it at three in the morning with a defense in case I was to be attacked.


But I'll add in something else here: I'd barely watched the anime. The most I'd seen was episodes with my favorite experiments and some snippets of the first season and the Lilo episode. That was about it. I never really watched the anime for myself and just listened to everyone else's input on it, which led to a warped perspective and a case of fangirlism that to this day I'm not proud of.


So to the new haters, here's some things you may want to try doing if you're just starting out with hating the anime:


1. Watch the anime for yourself.


Please do this. Please for the love of god do this. I know it sucks and it's tedious, but it's best to gain your own unique opinion on the anime. Find this thing out for yourself and don't be influenced by outside opinions from rants or reviews. This anime-shit as you may think it is, is where you should be FIRST going, not rants, not anything else.


2. Keep your cool.


This is a hard one. I know-it can be very infuriating to hear things like "little girl is all washed up with 626" and watch the stupidity of the Lilo episode's plotholes or Stitch's Birthday taking a piss on the entire franchise. It's not a happy thing-I know. But you have to keep calm. And the reason for this is because you have to look at this thing for what it is; getting swept up in the anger and rage clouds your mind and you become more open to being influenced by rants-many of which contain a lot of bad ideas like "Yuna wanting to have sex with Stitch", "Racism", "Pedophilia", and the like. Angry and emotional people aren't rational and are open to being influenced. Be aware of that and keep your cool around the anime.


And as an addendum; DON'T FORCE YOURSELF TO WATCH THE ANIME. This NEVER leads to anything good. I've seen people who did this and they became foaming at the mouth zealots who HATED the anime-hated it like you can't believe. If you feel you have to however, I would recommend not binging on it; do it slowly and give yourself time to relax and wind down afterwards. And don't watch the damn original, it'll make things worse (as I found out). Do something you enjoy and reflect on the thing when you feel you want to. Do it on your own merit.


3. Don't feel guilty if you enjoy some things about it.


I saw this recently. In fact, I've seen this several times with people (often haters) feeling guilty for liking some aspects of the anime or having used to enjoy it. I personally blame bullshit like "True Stitch Fan" and the huge amount of pressure put on people to hate the anime from certain members of the hatedom for this. Guilt, especially needless guilt, is an awful thing-whether it comes from being shamed by others or doing it to yourself


I'll give a personal example: my favorite characters in all the Lilo and Stitch franchise are Heat, Hammerface, and Kixx-all for very personal reasons. I thought they were cool and I used to be very open about sharing that I loved them. Kixx was my first (childhood) favorite-liked him better than Stitch because I was lucky to be born to health conscious parents who'd take me exercising with them (I have DBA-or Diamond Blackfan Anemia, so keeping healthy is a big priority for me). I knew how hard it was to do the things Stitch did, so I didn't exactly take to how effortless it was for him and liked Kixx instead because he actually showed effort. For Heat and Hammerface, I had a bad experience with people claiming to be my family who did things in their interests over my family's (basically, I got screwed over by my extended family). So I ended up relating to them in a weird way. Aside from these reasons, I also like them for their personalities and designs, viewing them as very unique and interesting. But when I saw how they got treated by the rest of the fanbase, I ended up feeling guilty-like I was supposed to like the main cast and I hid this fact about myself for a while. I did it to myself and I shouldn't have-because there's nothing wrong with liking these three. There's nothing wrong with preferring them over the main cast-in fact, I've made it a point to focus on minor characters over the main cast and give them some attention.


And I've experienced this same guilt with watching and liking anime episodes with my favorite experiments in them. I liked "Link-Age" and "Stitch Goes To Tokyo Disneyland" because of Hammerface and Kixx's appearances in them. Not that I liked the episodes themselves at the time, but I did like the fact that they had my faves in them. There's nothing to be ashamed of with this anime. If you like some episodes or some things about it, then that's perfectly fine! Don't allow people to make you feel bad or guilty or shame you into hating it entirely-because you're not required to do so, and more importantly-don't do it to yourself. Don't guilt yourself because you like some things about the anime. The people who try to guilt you are assholes, but you can't ever allow them to get to you. You aren't required to hate the entire anime, and never allow anyone to tell you otherwise.


4. Avoid Hate and fanart.


Blatant hate and fanart isn't what's being described here. Paradoxical but it'll make sense in the long run. Allow me to explain. It's a sad thing here in the Stitchdom, but most hate art doesn't look like hate art-instead it looks like fanart of the main cast. The way to tell it apart is to look at the description and comments-if they're trashing the anime or its fanbase or taking shots at it, they're most likely making their art out of hatred and bitterness towards the anime and the things associated with it. And art made out of spite and anger is an awful, ugly thing as someone who fell for it; when I viewed this art, I was happy for a while, but then I became despondent and angrier than I had been before because what was being conveyed to me was something that was never going to happen. I went into a vicious cycle of constantly wanting to view it, doing so, and becoming even worse off than I was before doing so. Hate art made to look like fanart does nothing but make you long for something that'll most likely never be a reality. It's dishonest, immoral, and cruel to make people feel this way, so avoid it when you see it and don't fall into the trap. Blatant hate art takes an obviously biased standpoint against the anime-take things like Yuna getting punched by Lilo. It's hate art, and I would recommend staying away from it as well, but at least it's obvious that the person hates the anime. Same with fanart-not for the same reasons, but because of #1. Discover the anime for yourself and form your opinion before looking at hate or fanart.


5. Take things with a grain of salt.


THINK CRITICALLY. I can't stress this enough; question the motives of those who say things like "Sanders hated the anime" or "everyone hates it" or try to spread rumors about it being noncanon. Discover things for yourself and do your own research, and seek out the rational side of the hatedom (if you feel you have to see negative POVs on the anime). They're not very visible sadly, but they are there. I would recommend going to Youtube; there's two very good negative reviews on there; Macboyredux's review of the 627 episode of the anime, and Werezilla's "Stitch! Retrospective"-both are very insightful and don't stir up hate of the anime's fanbase. Another I would recommend is "Stitch Anime Made Me Cringe" by Akidearest, while there's "childhood ruined" stuff in there, again-no hate towards the fans who like it and I think you'd find it funny for some of the references she makes. If you're interested in good/neutral perspectives, go to "Let's Talk About: Stitch! the Anime" by KC reviews, and for (their rules prevent crazed haters of the anime from having much sway). Bottom line though-don't take what you see at face value, because nothing is as people make it out to be. This goes back to #1 too-it's tedious at times, but the only way to truly know what's going on is if you find out for yourself. And I strongly encourage doing this to avoid gaining a misinformed perspective.


6. Listen to the other side.


I know that you may not agree with the fans. You may think of them as a little weird for liking the anime. But still keep an open mind when it comes to them. Many fans of the anime are very kind and respectful people-both to each other and to haters. Yes-there's asshole fans, but there's asshole haters too and you can't just listen to one side. You have to go for both and you can't take sides-haters OR fans. Remain neutral, and try to see both sides of the argument.


7. Don't look DOWN on the other side.


The anime fans simply have their views and their reasons for liking the anime. It doesn't make them stupid or weird, it just means they have a different opinion. Often times they've been lifelong fans of the original who gave the anime a chance and found they liked it. Please for the love of god-don't develop a superiority complex and look down on them-it's rotten and unfair, especially if they have good or valuable input or information on the anime that you may want to consider. This is hard to do-mostly because you may hold the popular viewpoint (most people hate the anime). But consider this quote: "What's popular is not always right, and what's right isn't always popular" (may have butchered it a little but that is the general idea). You have a different view, not the "right" one, and neither do they, so you know. You just have your views and that's it.


8. Avoid the aristocrats.


"Aristocrats" are the term I use for what make up about 10 percent of the anime's hatedom, and about 5-7% of the overall fanbase. They can all be recognized by one uniting factor: They all look down on the fans. Doesn't matter if they're popular (though it's a trait many share). To them, the fans are plebs, they're stupid or have something wrong with them. They encourage division, encourage people to feel guilt or shame for liking the anime, put pressure on people to hate it or to agree with them, manipulate them through their artwork, and lie about the anime whenever they can. They are hypocritical purists who's main goal is self gratification and false narratives, and they will do whatever they can to achieve it. If you see something like "True Stitch fan" or attacks on the fans, refusing to respond to criticism (or disabling comments to avoid it), or lashing out at fans, you're probably looking at an aristocrat. Best to just do #s 2 and 5 and move on. Be very careful of these people-they are behind most of what's been going on within the hatedom, and they're the driving factor for the huge numbers of haters in proportion to fans. Most people know them as the "Vocal Minority", but in this case, they're a vocal minority that's managed to take over the fanbase and now run it. Avoid these people whenever you can; they only serve themselves and cause trouble within the community to get what they want.


9. Avoid denialists.


These sacks of crap used to be hardcore haters (or still are) and either want to try to escape their past by denying their involvement in the hatedom or deny the falsity of the many, many  rumors the hatedom has spread over the years. Often this can be willful ignorance, as in the case of the Sanders Interview rumor; they want to believe it's true, so they convince themselves it is and try to spread it. Those who try to deny involvement are usually former aristocrats-in their case, they're either guilty over past actions or they think said actions were okay to do. They're spreading rumors and keeping them alive out of willful ignorance and more self gratification.


 10. Don't lash out.


At the end of the day, Lilo and Stitch is media. It isn't something to froth at the mouth over and stop associating with people because they have different views than you. This is just an opinion on media, and you have to keep that in perspective. Likewise, you can't lash out and attack people for liking the anime-you're not going to convince them of anything but your own inability to be reasonable with the other side.


I didn't do any of these things, and I should have. It would've prevented a lot of wasted energy and time on my part and I shut myself out from other, really nice people who had insightful opinions and points on the anime. I lost out on expanding my world-developing my perspective. I rushed in not knowing the full story, and got burned for it. I had to do a lot to pull myself out of the hatedom and move on.


Best of luck to any new haters who may be reading this-I know how much this anime can suck as a former hater. I understand the rage, and well-my sympathies for your feelings over the anime's insanity. I just hope you don't end up bitter and angry and unable to move on, or guilty for liking some things about it, or looking down on people and lashing out at them. Those things? They don't help you. They make everything worse and they hurt you in the long run.


So to the new haters: Just be careful out there.


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